How Many Emsculpt NEO Treatments Are Needed For the Best Results?

Emsculpt NEO Treatments

Sometimes a healthy diet and exercise alone burn enough to get rid of unwanted body fat and encourage muscle growth. Natural fat removal and muscle building take time and effort, yet not everybody can see the results of their labor. However, you could achieve the body shape and tone you want with Emsculpt NEO treatment.

But how many Emsculpt NEO treatments are needed to see results? At Skin Tight MedSpa in Acton, Natick, and Newton, Massachusetts, we specialize in the Emsculpt NEO procedure to help our patients burn fat and build muscle. Below, we explain this body contouring service in detail and the number of sessions it could take to produce the desired results.

What’s Emsculpt NEO?

Emsculpt NEO is a revolutionary body contouring service that can help you reach your aesthetic goals. The non-invasive treatment uses High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic Energy (HIFEM) as well as Radiofrequency Energy (RF) to trigger muscle contractions.

How Emsculpt NEO Treatments Aid in Fat Reduction

A single Emsculpt NEO session can produce up to 20,000 muscle contractions or 667 contractions each minute. Even if you do an intense workout to focus on muscle toning, you won’t recreate the same effect. Emsculpt NEO triggers 100% of the targeted muscles, yet high-intensity workouts only activate 50% or fewer muscles.

The HIFEM and RF energies pass harmlessly through the skin within the treatment area. Though the HIFEM energy is responsible for each muscle contraction, the RF energy heats up the adipose tissue or fat directly below the skin, causing fat cells around the treatment area to destabilize and melt without affecting any muscles. You’ll see results much faster with this treatment than you would with just exercising and dieting, making Emsculpt NEO a great option to build muscle and combat weight gain.

What to Expect During Emsculpt NEO Treatment

What to Expect During Emsculpt NEO Treatment

If you’re already in decent shape but need to reduce fat and strengthen muscle fibers, Emsculpt NEO is an excellent option. It’s also great for toning muscles.

Emsculpt NEO sessions last for about 30 minutes. At the start of your appointment, a technician will apply the advanced Emsculpt NEO machine to your target areas. Your body will react to each muscle contraction by acclimating to the stress, which ultimately strengthens the muscles.

Body Parts Most Suitable for Emsculpt NEO To Target Fat Cells

Emsculpt NEO can kill fat cells and strengthen muscles in various parts of your body with substantial muscle mass. With the treatment, you can target and tone:

  • Abdominal muscles
  • Thigh muscles
  • Calf muscles
  • Upper arm muscles
  • Buttocks

How Many Emsculpt NEO Sessions Do You Need to Increase Muscle Mass and Fat Loss?

So how many Emsculpt NEO treatments are needed to get the muscle tone and fat cell destruction you seek? Most people start with four sessions, which is the minimum. The energies that lead to fat removal and muscle building won’t cause skin damage or discomfort beyond post-workout aches, so your appointments will be about a week apart.

Depending on the body parts you treat with Emsculpt NEO and your specific body goals, you’ll likely have more appointments besides the initial four. Each session is only for one body part, so you should expect a longer treatment timeframe to transform multiple areas. Still, it’s not possible to know the precise number of treatments you’ll need until you consult a weight loss and body contouring specialist.

On average, fat loss takes about three months because it takes about that long for the body to eliminate fat cells. Yet, you could notice significant improvements in your appearance and physique by your fourth treatment.

Will You Need Maintenance Treatments to Retain Your Emsculpt NEO Results?

The best way to retain your Emsculpt NEO results is to exercise regularly and eat nutritious meals. Scheduling a maintenance session after every six treatments is also acceptable for preserving your toned appearance. However, this treatment won’t stop the effects of aging.

Experience Emsculpt Neo and Other Non-Invasive Body Contouring Procedures at Skin Tight MedSpa

How many Emsculpt Neo treatments are needed to eliminate stubborn fat and increase muscle definition? Unfortunately, the exact number of sessions you’d need to achieve the muscle tone and fat reduction you seek is uncertain. Still, you can trust our professionals at Skin Tight MedSpa in Natick, Massachusetts to assess your needs, understand your goals, and create a personalized treatment plan to transform your body.

At our state-of-the-art office, you can enjoy various ways to improve your body and visual appeal while maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Our services include everything from body contouring to weight loss treatment.


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