Emsculpt Neo Legs Treatment

Emsculpt Neo – Legs

Using Emsculpt Neo to shape patients’ legs can produce amazing results. This non-invasive body-shaping procedure helps the legs look more defined and sculpted.

Emsculpt Neo for Legs

Contouring the legs with Emsculpt Neo is a fairly short and straightforward process that can be done in the office. Quadriceps and Calves are worked for 30 minutes over 4 sessions and patients are reporting 22-25% muscle growth in treatment areas and 26-30% fat loss.

Good Candidates for Emsculpt Neo for Legs

Patients who want a safe, effortless, and reliable way to make their legs look shapelier are ideal candidates for Emsculpt Neo treatments. This treatment works best for patients who have already reached their target weight. It is important to maintain realistic expectations and a positive disposition.

Not sure if Emsculpt Neo – Legs is Right For You?

Your Consultation

During an Emsculpt Neo consultation in Acton, the patient’s legs will be examined, and the patient will be asked about their medical history and aesthetic goals. Patients can also take this opportunity to ask for more details about the treatment.

“Very nice salon. Every clinician I’ve had has been pleasant and always professional. They always take time to explain what they will be doing & allow me to ask questions. I never wait and out of the salon within 15 mins!”

Donna F.

The Cost of Emsculpt Neo for Legs in Acton

The price of getting Emsculpt Neo treatments for the legs is different for each patient. Cost varies based on factors like the number of sessions required to achieve the patient’s goals.

Take the First Step Towards a New You

To start your body-contouring journey, contact Skin Tight Med Spa and set up a consultation regarding Emsculpt Neo. Our body-sculpting experts will walk you through the procedure in greater detail and will be able to determine whether it is right for you.

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