Laser Hair Removal Vs. Waxing: Which Is Better for You?

Laser Hair Removal Vs. Waxing: Which Is Better for You?

Do you want smooth skin in all the right places? You’re probably trying to decide between laser hair removal and waxing. At Skin Tight MedSpa, we provide quality hair removal and can help you understand which treatment is best for your skin complexion, budget, and beauty goals.

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Examining Laser Hair Removal

Compared to waxing, using a laser to remove hair has several advantages and a few disadvantages.

Reduced Pain (Pro)

Whether you’ve seen videos of men screaming and crying while they endure a waxing or you’ve experienced the pain firsthand, you know how painful the process feels. During your laser hair removal sessions, you’ll experience minor to moderate discomfort, but likely won’t find it painful.

How does laser hair removal work? It produces heat to damage the hair follicles, inhibiting future hair growth in the process. This causes little discomfort, which many people describe as a rubber band snapping on your skin.

Allows Shaving (Pro)

Laser treatments directly target the hair follicle, and your hair may grow slightly between sessions, which are roughly a month apart. Between each laser treatment, you can shave unwanted hair so you can keep your skin looking exactly like you want.

Increased Safety (Pro)

While both procedures carry risks of minor complications, on the whole, laser hair removal treatments have less likelihood of skin irritation. However, you must only seek treatment from a qualified and reputable provider. Finding a discounted treatment could result in leaving surface burns on your skin. Before your laser hair removal, exfoliate to remove dead skin cells.

Better Long-Term Results (Pro)

Once you complete all your treatments, laser hair removal can produce permanent results. While you can’t receive permanent hair removal on your face, the results should still last about a decade.

After your first few sessions, you’ll see hair in the treatment area fall out, and you’ll see only minor hair growth. This hair removal method can only target the hair follicle while the hair grows (rather than during its transitional or resting phase), which is why you need multiple treatments to remove all your unwanted body hair.

Limited Hair Types and Skin Types (Con)

This hair removal method works best for people with light skin tones and darker hair colors. Because pigment absorbs the laser to generate sufficient heat, you need an adequate contrast between the pigment in the hair and skin.

If you have very fair skin and light hair like blond, grey, or white, the laser can’t properly target the follicles of your unwanted body hair. The same problem occurs for people of dark skin with similarly dark hair. As technology advances, many experts believe darker skin tones and other restrictions won’t pose a problem.

Higher Investment (Con)

In general, a single session of laser hair removal costs about 50% more than waxing. However, because laser removal provides a virtually permanent solution after enough treatments and maintenance treatments, you’ll save money long-term over the wax treatments, which only offer a temporary solution.

Delayed Results (Con)

While you’ll start seeing hair-free skin in a couple of days after laser hair removal, you’ll need several months’ worth of sessions before you see the results you want.

Considerations of Waxing

If you’re wondering about laser hair removal vs. waxing, consider the pros and cons of this hair removal method.

Lower Expense (Pro)

Compared to laser hair removal, a single session of waxing removes hair immediately. However, you’ll spend money on sessions for as long as you want results, so it requires greater expense in the long term.

Immediate Results (Pro)

How does waxing work? It rips the hair follicles from the skin, rather than damaging them, so you’ll have no visible hair on the surrounding skin immediately after the session.

Flexible Skin Tone (Pro)

If you have a darker skin tone or lighter hair, you can still obtain hair-free skin with waxing.

Higher Pain (Con)

Whether you’re removing unwanted hair growth on your upper lip or your armpits, waxing usually feels painful. If you have sensitive skin, it can also leave ingrown hairs or temporary redness. In rare cases, ingrown hairs can become infected.

Laser Hair Removal: The Clear Winner

Whether you need unwanted hair removal on your upper lip or bikini line, laser hair removal offers the better option for most people, such as those with sensitive skin. If you have lighter hair, you may have to settle for a cold wax or hot wax.

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