At Skin Tight Med Spa, we offer a number of injectables to address signs of facial aging and enhance the overall appearance of the face, including Botox and fillers. These non-surgical minimally invasive products are used by people around the world to maintain beautiful and youthful skin. We offer Botox, Juvederm, Voluma, Volbella, and Vollure.


To treat fine facial wrinkles and age lines, many medical professionals recommend Botox Cosmetic injections. This incredibly popular neuromodulator smooths away crow’s feet, vertical lines between the brows, horizontal forehead wrinkles, chin wrinkles, and more. They can also reduce the appearance of vertical platysmal neck bands.

Fine lines appear as a result of repeated muscle movements like the type made when a person smiles, frowns, or chews. After enough of these movements, the muscles become contracted and have trouble relaxing.

Botox injections block nerve signals to contracted muscles, allowing them to relax. This in turn allows the overlying skin to relax, giving the face an overall more youthful look. The results of a Botox treatment can last for around three to four months, after which point patients may come in for maintenance treatments.

Juvederm Fillers

To improve the appearance of moderate and harsh wrinkles, cosmetic experts around the world use Juvederm injections. The wrinkles treated using these injections are a result of sun overexposure and the aging process. They form in the mid and lower face.

Juvederm is a family of hyaluronic-based dermal fillers. Hyaluronic acid is an acid found in the human body and is an important component of the skin. It helps repair tissues damaged by exposure to UV rays, hydrates the skin, retains moisture, and fortifies the skin’s natural barrier, which improves its resilience to factors that cause aging.

The Juvederm family includes various types of treatments that differ from each other based on the bonding and concentrations of the hyaluronic acid they contain. Their results can last from six months up to two years depending on the filler that was used.


Juvederm resolves a variety of moderate and severe facial wrinkles and age lines. These include marionette lines, perioral lip lines, parentheses lines, and the nasolabial folds. It can also be used to enhance thin lips.

Juvederm Voluma

Voluma was designed to reduce facial gauntness and hollowness by restoring volume to the cheeks. This fills out facial contours to make a patient look more youthful.

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Juvederm Vollure

Vollure is a specialized wrinkle reducer that is especially effective for deeper folds and wrinkles around the mouth and nose. It adds volume to smooth away these etched-in lines.

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What Is Treatment Like with Injectables?

Before treatment is started, the injection sites are carefully marked as a guide. Next, if needed, a topical or local anesthetic is applied to the sites in order to numb the region; this helps to make the treatment process comfortable and free from pain.

The chosen injectable is then carefully administered to the targeted areas via needle injection. Depending on the number of injection sites, the entire process may take anywhere between 15 and 30 minutes.

Post-Treatment Care Instructions

There is minimal downtime and some patients will experience minor swelling, redness, and bruising on the injection site.

The following are recommended post-treatment care instructions:

  • Avoid smoking and drinking alcohol for at least 24 hours after the procedure.
  • Avoid strenuous activities for 24 hours after your session.
  • Avoid massaging the treatment area for the next 24 hours.
  • Minimize exposure to intense heat.
  • No lying down for 4 hours post-treatment, remain upright.

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