What Is JetPeel?

A JetPeel is a hydrating and rejuvenating skin treatment that many patients come in for on a regular basis. This gentle and comfortable procedure is completely non-surgical and non-invasive, making it a popular choice for those who want to get youthful skin without going under the knife.

If you’ve noticed that your skin is looking dull and lackluster, a hydrating boost might be exactly what it needs. Many skin treatments focus on resurfacing with heat energy or chemicals to resolve harsh skin problems. A JetPeel is better suited for those in need of a gentler solution to skin issues.

The JetPeel: Deep Hydration and More

The JetPeel treats the skin using a highly pressurized subsonic jet stream of compressed gases and serums or solutions. The handpiece is specialized to deliver these nutrient-rich serums and solutions at an incredibly high speed of 447 mph.

This high speed allows for deep penetration through the epidermal skin layer and into the dermal layer, where the nutrients can create lasting change. It also cleanses away impurities from the pores.

This soothing transdermal infusion treatment can resolve a wide variety of skin imperfections. It can smooth away wrinkles and age lines, revitalize dull skin, deep clean pores, reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation issues, tighten loose skin, improve rough skin texture, and treat oily skin to combat acne.


Jetpeel Technology: Advanced Hydra Dermabrasion Technology to Provide Deep Transdermal Treatment

Customized Care

A consultation is required before the JetPeel treatment session so that the patient’s skin type can be analyzed. Most skin types respond well to this treatment, so if you have skin that is thin, sensitive, oily, or dry, you are still an excellent candidate. This makes it stand apart from many other treatments.

During the JetPeel consultation, the patient will discuss their beauty goals with a skilled aesthetic professional. This allows the skin-care professional to customize the serums used in the treatment based on the patient’s unique needs.

Not sure if JetPeel is Right For You?

What Is the JetPeel Treatment Process Like?

At the start of the JetPeel, the skin is pressure-cleansed with water and oxygen. After this, the handpiece is used to deliver the chosen serums. It is not painful or uncomfortable but may feel briefly cold.

Results and Aftercare

The JetPeel requires no downtime afterwards, so patients can go right back to their daily schedule without discomfort or recovery time. Unlike other procedures, it causes no peeling, and no aftercare is required. Redness can occur but is only temporary. Do not apply makeup for around six hours after the treatment.

While a single treatment refreshes and soothes the skin for a radiant appearance, a series of around four to six regular treatments should be performed in order to achieve the full results of the JetPeel process. Treatment sessions should be scheduled weekly, and after this series has been performed, monthly maintenance treatments are recommended.

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