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Do you want smooth, healthy skin without the hassle of shaving or waxing? Say “goodbye” to unwanted body hair with laser hair removal treatment at Skin Tight MedSpa. We’re a trusted center for cosmetic treatments in Middlesex County with locations in Acton, Natick, and Newton, MA.

We’ll help you get rid of hair on various parts of your body with a cutting-edge laser that penetrates and destroys hair follicles. Discover what makes laser treatments so popular among Boston-area locals and what you can expect from this procedure.

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“My experience at MedSpa was great! Ryan in the Newton branch did my laser hair removal treatment. She was caring, took her time, and was very friendly. I definitely recommend her!”

Shira W

Why Newton Locals Prefer Laser Treatments Over Other Hair Removal Methods

There’s no denying that laser hair removal comes with significant benefits, especially compared to other forms of hair removal. Hot wax and sharp razors lead to skin irritation and only offer temporary results. Laser techniques are proven safe and effective for all skin types and your skin requires less maintenance as you move forward with your treatment plan.

Even for those with a high pain tolerance, waxing can be an uncomfortable experience since it involves forcefully ripping hair follicles from the root. However, you can easily eliminate unwanted body hair by letting a special laser target each follicle and bleaching its pigment. Powerful laser energy eventually destroys the follicle to prevent future hair growth and leave you with permanent results.

Once you’re treated with a laser for hair removal, you’ll notice major cost reductions in your skincare routine. This service winds up being more cost-effective in the long run because it eliminates the need for consistent waxing appointments or shaving accessories.

How We Remove Unwanted Hair in Newton

Every client who comes to us for laser hair removal in Newton will receive the same approach. Our team performs this service in the following three stages:

  • Preparation: You’ll meet with one of our professionals to discuss your skin concerns and how the process involves bleaching a hair follicle. Shaving the area before your first treatment prepares the skin and provides the best results.
  • Procedure: Our estheticians will apply a numbing cream to your skin to help it remain cool against the laser energy and minimize your discomfort. We’ll adjust the laser settings accordingly for dark and light skin pigments.
  • Follow-up: To halt hair growth, you’ll need to return for more laser treatments and follow the advice of our healthcare team.

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Not sure if Laser Hair Removal in Newton is Right For You?

Tips for Successful Hair Removal in Newton

In order to achieve optimal results following laser hair removal, you must take the appropriate measures before and after treatment. While dark hair follicles are easily treated, you should be mindful of your skin’s pigment. Avoid sun exposure, as this triggers melanin production and can lead to complications.

Patients in Northeastern Massachusetts find that the late fall or winter is the best time to begin laser hair removal treatment since you must limit sun exposure in the weeks before and after treatment. Protect light skin by applying sunscreen and moisturizers before going out.

Redness and swelling may occur at the treatment site so you can apply a cool compress for relief. Anti-inflammatory medications can reduce any discomfort after laser hair removal but steer clear of blood-thinning medicine before your treatment. Be sure to disclose any skin concerns you have before having our team remove your unwanted hair.

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